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Replacement Needles for Amanda Jane, READ and Stanley Pleaters.

Pleater Needles are BRAND SPECIFIC. It is very important to buy the needles that match the brand of pleater you own. And in the case of the Read, be sure to know how many rows that your pleater has.

If your needles are bent, be sure to replace them as they will cause other needles beside them to bend and possiibly break as you use your pleater.

I carry the following types of needles:

Amanda Jane - fits Little Amanda (16 rows), Amanda Jane (24 rows) and the Super Amanda Jane (24 rows)
Reed Needles for 24/32-row pleaters ONLY
Reed Needles for 16-row pleaters ONLY
General purpose needles for the Stanley Pleater. Stanley is out of business and genuine Stanley needles are not available.

A fixed shipping cost of $3.00 in included in the price. Needles are shipped in a heavy cardboard envelope to prevent bending which increases shipping cost. If you buy needles with another item I will refund the needle
shipping cost.

I will ship international but you must request a custom order so that I can figure shipping costs.

Shipping from United States

I ship within 1-2 business days using USPS 1st class shipping whenever possible.
When I find that the shipping charged was higher than necessary I will refund the overage.


Damaged items can always be returned.

Regrettably cut fabric under 4 yards can not be returned because it is difficult to resell once removed from the bolt.

When items are returned the postage will be paid by the buyer. Refund will be for the cost of the item only.

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